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Har ek baat peh kehtay ho tum ke ” tu kya hai?”…
Tumhi kaho ke yeh andaaz-e-guftugu kya hai…

Na sholey main yeh karishma na barq main yeh ada…
Koi batao ke woh shokh-e-thund o khu kya hai…

Yeh rashk hai ke woh hota hai hum-sukhan tumse…
Warna khauf-e-bad’aamozi-e-udu kya hai….

Chipak raha hai badan par lahoo say pairahan…
Hamari jaib ko ab haajat-e-rafu kya hai….

Jala hai jism jahan dil bhee jal gaya ho gaa….
Khuredtay ho jo ab rakh, justuju kya hai…

Ragon main daudtay phirnay ke hum nahi qaa’el…
Jab aankh hi say na tapka to phir lahu kya hai…

Woh cheez jis kay liye ho hamain bahisht azeez…
Siwaey baada-e-gulfaam-e-mushkabu kya hai…

Piyoon sharab agar kam bhee to dekh loon do chaar…
Yeh sheesha-o-qadah-o-kooza-o-subu kya hai…

Rahee na taaqat-e-guftaar aur agar ho bhi…
To kis umeed pe kahiye keh aarzu kya hai….

Bana hai sheh ka masahib, phiray hai itraata…
Warna shehar main ‘Ghalib’ ki aabru kya hai….

Humko to duniya main koi bewafa na mila..
kami jo paayi to apni mohobbat main paayi.



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